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(cellular) 650-224-7543 or
(office)  650-345-2926
email: sales@ksa2000.com 

We provides the most complete turn key operation available:
Estate sales, Appraisals &  Liquidations for Individuals, Estate Trustees, CPA's, Insurance Co.


We Provide:
  • Free Consultation
  • Complete Estate Sales Services (Turn Key)
         -On Premise Sales
         -Purchase of Whole and Partial Estates
  • Complete Removal of All Personal Property
  • Available 6 1/4 Days A Week
  • Appraisals (Certified)
  • Internet Access (E-mail and Website)

Our Services:

  • Sort & Organize
  • Clean, Polish & Display
  • Research & Evaluate
  • Tag & Price
  • Advertise & Sell All Your Personal Property
  • Complete Accounting

Advertising & Marketing:

  • Newspapers, Mailings, Personal Contacts
  • and Internet Marketing

Our Client:

Whether you are retiring or downsizing, moving across town or relocating across the country, dissolving a marriage, combining two households or closing your business, KSA relieves you of the responsibility of disposing your personal property.

 Attorneys, Executors, Trustees & CPA’
While you take care of other important matters, KSA expedites the sale and disposition of all personal property. Afterwards, we provide you with a complete accounting of the sale.


Hundreds of people attend a typical KSA sale, providing tremendous exposure for the sale or rental of the property. When finished, KSA leaves the house completely empty and ready for the close of escrow or listing.